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New Add itional Facility - Base Oil and Lubricati ng Oil Storage

About this new Additional Facility


As part of the response to the industry needs on future base oiland lubricating oil storage, Oil Martz has embarked on an expansion program to construct 5 additional tanks and 3 additional bunker barge berths. The 5 tanks are served by 4 jetties with 4 dedicated lines to handle 4 different grades of base oils . Additional auxiliary facilities such as 60 MT weigh bridge, 2 loading/discharge points for handling tank trucks ISO tanks and flexibags are added to compliment the base oil operat ions. The 3 additional bunker barge berths together with the existing 6 bunker barge berths will ensure faster turn around especially for brea k bulk business such as the base oil trades.


For more information on base oil operations, please see details below.


Additional Storage Tanks

•Totalcapacity of 60,000 m3

o 3 tanks of 15,000 m3

o 2 tanks of 7,500 m'

•Suitable for Base Oil or simila r products with same classification.


Details of jetties with the capability to handle Base Oil Operations


JETTY 12 (OMU 12)       160,000 MT      16.5 M                   208,000 MT                              280 M

JETTY 12 (OMU 13)       46,000 MT        16.5 M                   56,580 MT                                186 M

JETTY 12 (OMU 15)       15,000 MT        10.0 M                   19,670 MT                                145 M

JETTY 12 (OMU 16)       15,000 MT        10.0 M                   19,670 MT                                145 M

Loading & Discharge for Vessels

•4 lines to handle 4 different grades of base oils .

•Capable of handling up to 4 concurrent loadings at maximum rate of 1000 m3 per hour per hose.

•Discharge rate up to 2,000 m3 per hour per hose.

Filling & Discharge for In-land Transportation

•Weigh bridge services available.

•2 loading points for in-land tank trucks, ISO tanks, and Flexibags loading or discharging.

•Capable of loading up to the rate of 130 m3 per hour.

Fuel Oil

Our company supplies quality and advance fuel oil to various industries in the World. Our fuel oils are mostly use by industries for process heating, steam generation and power generation, and marine vessels. Our quality fuel oils come in two main grades which are Fuel Oil 80cst, Fuel Oil 180cst and DMC. These fuel oils are highly suitable to majority of the boilers, furnaces and ovens.

Types of Fuel Oil:

Diesel          -         DMC       -        Fuel Oil 180cst        -        Fuel Oil 80cst

Base Oil

All engine oils are made of base oils and additives. A synthetic lubricant contains more highly refined base oils than conventional mineral oils, offering you superior protection and performance. It provide a variety of benefits that keep your engine running at optimal performance for years, such as help to prevent wear, keep an engine clean, flow easily, maintain viscosity, prevent rust and reduce friction.

Types of Base Oil:

Group 1      -     SN70    -    SN150    -     SN500

Group 2      -     N150     -     N500

Rerefined Base Oil:       -        SN70      -       SN150


Being specialize in the petroleum industry, we are well verse in producing some of the most quality petrochemical product in the market. Utilizing our state of the art facilities, we are able to produce high purity of petrochemical for both industrial and commercial use. Below is a list of petrochemicals that Hiap Huat is able to produce.

Types of Petrochemical:

Kerosene       -       Touluene       -        Xylene      -      Methanol       

White spirit       -        IPA     -      Acetone       -       N Butanol     

Trichloroethylene (TCE)      -       Mixed Aromatic Solvent


We are specialized in producing a wide range of lubricants for both consumer and industrial use. Our lubricating oil product are design to deliver excellent and reliable performance for passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle and industrial machinery. Our lubricants are designed to maximize your equipment efficiency and reduce down time. Our in-house brand of lubricants includes Top Up, and AF1.

Types of Lubricant:

Engine Oil   -    Hydraulic Oil     -    Gear Oil     -    Mould Release Oil   -   Compressor Oil

Heat Transfer Oil   -   Metal Working Fluid    -    Grease    -   Turbine Oil  -     

Paper Machine Oil    -    Transmission Fluid     -    Rock Drill Oil

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